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Clock-In/Clock-Out Methods

Yottatime Clock-in/Clock-out methods will restrict when & where employees can Clock-in/Clock-out from. It helps to define when an employee is and is not working. It allows precise tracking of employee hours. This makes payroll processing easier.

» Bio-metric
Employee can easily clock-in/out by placing their registered finger on the Bio-metric device. This stops buddy punching and improves efficiency.

» Mobile Clock-in/out
Employees can quickly Punch In and Punch Out from any job location. This is an easy way to log/track work time on the go.

» Employee id and PIN(through desktop)
Employee just need to enter their id and PIN in the system to clock-in/out. It is very low cost and employees do not need an entry device like a card.

» Id card identification
Employees just need to swipe their Id card to clock-in/out. This is affordable, effective and accurate.

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